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A proud family business, Pelletier Déco Surfaces has been working in the flooring industry for over 60 years. With its experience, the company has over the years become a leader in the field of the sale and installation of floor coverings, throughout Eastern Quebec, Metropolitan Quebec . With its wide range of avant-garde products and professional services offered, Pelletier Déco Surfaces tends to satisfy the needs of serving both residential, commercial and institutional customers as well as specialists in the field such as architects and designers. A multitude of decorative ideas for the living room, bedroom or kitchen and the advice of an interior decorator to achieve them. Come and visit our decoration boutique concept at our Quebec or Lévis store. 


Company mission

All employees of the Pelletier Deco Surfaces team unite their efforts for the greatest respect of the company's mission: 

"May our internal and external human capital always be motivated and stimulated in the search for better well-being for our raison d'être: the customer!" »



  • 1953: Initially a tile installer, Maurice Pelletier opened his first business in the family home in Lévis when he was 24 years old. Maurice Pelletier's achievements are recognized throughout the region thanks to the elaboration and meticulousness of his work: borders, patterns and designs are inserted into the coverings and all, of course, done by freehand. A real work of art!
  • 1973: Creation of the Lévis branch, at 4600, boulevard de la Rive-Sud. The first real store was then born. Both a family residence, plus an office, counter, storage space and a sample room. The company is now well established and now offers the possibility of welcoming customers on a daily basis.
  • 1977: First expansion of the Lévis store. The construction of this first real warehouse greatly facilitates the classification and handling of the various materials stored there.
  • 1986: Mr. Yvan Pelletier, eldest son of Maurice Pelletier, takes over the family business and becomes the sole owner. A wind of modernism certainly, but with the greatest respect for the values naturally established by Maurice Pelletier.
  • 1988: Major administrative reorganization, expansion of the Lévis store's sales area and implementation of the computer system.
  • 1990: Opening of the Quebec branch, at 5000 rue des Replats. This strategic expansion allows Couvre-Planchers Pelletier to take a significant share of the market throughout Metropolitan Quebec.
  • 1997: Joined the Déco Surfaces group, the largest network of flooring and decoration retailers in Eastern Canada.
  • 2002: Major renovations are carried out in the two branches in order to offer the largest sales and storage area. With more than 40,000 square feet of surface area, Couvre-Planchers Pelletier meets the needs of its many residential, commercial and institutional customers.
  • 2008: Acquisition of a large warehouse space used as a distribution center.
  • 2010: At Couvre-Planchers Pelletier, the next generation is well and truly present; the third generation is quietly taking its place thanks to Sabrina, the daughter of Yvan Pelletier, who joins the ranks of the company.
  • 2014: A new renovation is carried out at the Lévis store. The showroom is completely redone.
  • 2015: Couvre-Planchers Pelletier is renovated and becomes Pelletier Déco Surfaces.
  • 2015: The next generation is increasingly present within the company. New partners join Mr. Pelletier. Great challenges are on the way.
  • 2015: Pelletier Déco Surfaces completely renovates its Quebec branch to support its new brand image.
  • 2016: Pelletier Déco Surfaces completely redevelops the interior of its Quebec branch. A new, innovative and streamlined shopping experience.
  • October 19, 2016: Official opening of the Quebec branch. Metamorphosis event including 300 guests, appetizers, cocktails and media. An unforgettable evening at the height of the new image of Pelletier Déco Surfaces.

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