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Delivery and return

Delivery Policy

Pelletier undertakes to deliver your merchandise to you inside your home, in the desired room. It is your responsibility to prepare the necessary space to receive your order. Payment for the material is required 1 day before the scheduled delivery date. If the equipment cannot be delivered in a single delivery due to a supply problem, we undertake to return it at no additional cost, if the address is in the predetermined area for deliveries (number of km?) C ' is your responsibility to notify us of any breakage during delivery. Please contact our delivery service if a problem arises, click on this link.


Pickup and Storage Policy

The customer agrees to pick up his merchandise within 2 weeks of receiving the material. Otherwise, the customer agrees to cover storage costs of $ 150 per month of delay. In addition, the order pending in our warehouses must be paid in full as soon as the 2-week deadline has passed. The refund amount will be applied to the original method of payment, provided it is accompanied by its initial receipt.


Return Policy

For special order products, please contact us to verify if a return may be possible. Some suppliers prevent the return of merchandise without a valid reason, so we must check with them. For other products, a return is accepted provided that the boxes are complete and in good condition and within 30 days from the date of receipt of the material by Pelletier Déco Surfaces.