Wall tiles

Ceramic wall tiles are becoming increasingly popular. Often used for your kitchen backsplash, it can also transform a rather ordinary room into a sumptuous setting that inspires comfort and elegance. It can be used in a number of ways, from being the focal point of a room with its flamboyant patterns, to being more discreet with a more sober, matte tone. In this way, ceramic wall tiles will greatly enhance the appearance of your room with their finesse and presence.

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  1. Ceramic Arrow
    Ceramic Arrow
    As low as $10.59 Foot²
  2. Ceramic Basato
    Ceramic Basato
    As low as $4.79 Foot²
  3. Glass Diamante
    Glass Diamante
    As low as $13.89 Foot²
  4. Ceramic Essential
    Ceramic Essential
    As low as $4.29 Foot²
  5. Ceramic Manacor
    Ceramic Manacor
    As low as $10.69 Foot²
  6. Ceramic P21
    Ceramic P21
    As low as $7.89 Foot²
  7. Porcelain Pavé Wall Dolmen
    Porcelain Pavé Wall Dolmen
    As low as $12.79 Foot²
  8. Porcelain Pavé Wall House
    Porcelain Pavé Wall House
    As low as $11.19 Foot²
  9. Ceramic Quayside
    Ceramic Quayside
    As low as $10.99 Foot²
  10. Ceramic Strada
    Ceramic Strada
    As low as $5.29 Foot²
  11. Ceramic SuperWhite
    Ceramic SuperWhite
    As low as $7.99 Foot²
  12. Ceramic Vela
    Ceramic Vela
    As low as $4.99 Foot²
  13. Ceramic Village
    Ceramic Village
    As low as $10.49 Foot²
  14. Ceramic Vintage
    Ceramic Vintage
    As low as $8.99 Foot²
  15. Ceramic Wind
    Ceramic Wind
    As low as $10.69 Foot²
  16. Wall Ceramic Cifre Glaciar
    Ceramica Concept
    Wall Ceramic Cifre Glaciar
    As low as $8.79 Foot²
  17. Wall Ceramic Estudio Stucci
    Ceramica Concept
    Wall Ceramic Estudio Stucci
    As low as $8.89 Foot²
  18. Wall Ceramic Natucer Piastrella
    Ceramica Concept
    Wall Ceramic Natucer Piastrella
    As low as $9.99 Foot²
  19. Wall Ceramic Natucer Stow
    Ceramica Concept
    Wall Ceramic Natucer Stow
    As low as $11.99 Foot²
  20. Wall Ceramic Unitec White
    Ceramica Concept
    Wall Ceramic Unitec White
    As low as $4.89 Foot²
  21. Wall Ceramic Vilara Liso
    Ceramica Concept
    Wall Ceramic Vilara Liso
    As low as $5.49 Foot²
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