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Mapei Mapeheat Membrane Lightweight Uncoupling, Crack-Isolation & Waterproofing - 49' 3" x 3' 3" Roll

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Mapeheat Membrane is a lightweight uncoupling, crack-isolation and waterproofing membrane that also provides vapor management and load support. This patented membrane is designed to speed the installation of tile and stone in interior rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and three-season rooms where the luxury of radiant floor heating is desired. Mapeheat Membrane’s thin profile works well with remodeling projects where the new floor will be installed directly over a preexisting one. Once the heating cable is set within Mapeheat Membrane’s rounded square reliefs, a tile mortar can be applied immediately.

Parcel delivery (accessories and tools)


1 à 10 working days



Flooring delivery by truck


1-14 working days if the product is in stock.

Price up to 150 km

up to 150 km from our branches. Base fee $175 + 0,50$/pc. Delivery straight into the room of your choice.

Price Outside the 150km

Outside the 150km radius, delivery fees may vary. 30% return shipping + transport fees within 30 days of purchase.

Please contact the store, for more information see : Delivery policies

To make a return: 30% return fee + shipping within 30 days of purchase. For any return request regarding solid wood, engineered, or local products, we require a minimum of 5 boxes. Please contact the store for instructions. For more information on returns, see : Return policies