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Mapei Mapeheat Temperature Sensing Probe 15'

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Curbside Pickup
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Mapeheat Temperature Sensing Probe is designed for use with Mapeheat Thermo Connect, Mapeheat Thermo Touch and Mapeheat Thermo Basic thermostats. Use this replacement product if the probe that accompanies a Mapeheat thermostat is misplaced or if an additional probe is desired. Note that the temperature-sensing probe must be installed before installation of the finished flooring.

Parcel delivery (accessories and tools)


1 à 10 working days



Flooring delivery by truck


1-14 working days if the product is in stock.

Price up to 150 km

up to 150 km from our branches. Base fee $175 + 0,50$/pc. Delivery straight into the room of your choice.

Price Outside the 150km

Outside the 150km radius, delivery fees may vary. 30% return shipping + transport fees within 30 days of purchase.

Please contact the store, for more information see : Delivery policies

To make a return: 30% return fee + shipping within 30 days of purchase. For any return request regarding solid wood, engineered, or local products, we require a minimum of 5 boxes. Please contact the store for instructions. For more information on returns, see : Return policies